Friday, 7 September 2012

Recharged and Ready to Go

Because my contract at work runs slightly out of sync with the academic year, I found myself able to carry over some of last year's holiday. Cue five lovely weeks at home in the UK seeing friends and family,  witnessing good friends getting married, helping my mum clear out some stuff around the house, getting acquainted with my dad's chickens, eating way too much,  and coming down with a serious case of Olympic fever.

Something had been happening to my country whilst I was away and I wasn't sure if I liked it. People were getting excited about things. They were brandishing flags without any association with football or nationalism and having street parties with the neighbours they usually pretend don't exist. It was weird. I missed out on all the jubilee fun, and I wasn't around for the royal wedding last year either so this new thing of being genuinely enthusiastic about something without any sense of irony or shame is a bit of a shock to the system.

But then the Olympics began and I started to see what all the fuss was about. I think we all forgot about the cock-ups over ticketing and security the minute we saw James Bond with the actual real-life queen! More importantly we actually seem to be good at sport again. We won things. Lots of things. More things than the Russians. Not only that but unlike the totally useless spoiled, whining, man-children we call footballers, Olympic athletes are actually worthy of respect. If someone painted a post box gold for John Terry or Ashley Cole I'd probably renounce my citizenship, but for Jessica Ennis and Mo Farah, Hell Yes! a friend and I were even planning a road-trip to find our nearest one.

Being as I was on holiday and didn't have much else to do during the week I quickly became addicted to the games. I watched a lot of sport; probably more than I ever have before. My mum and I watched pretty much everything. I got so stressed during the rowing that I hid behind my hands, I learned what a derney is and how many waza-aris you need to equal an ippon, and I might have fallen a little bit in love with Phillip Boy and Marcel Nguyen. I didn't even laugh (much) at the people wearing fake sideburns in support of Bradley Wiggins. In short, I am now a sports fan. Whodathunk?

It wasn't all about the Olympics though. There was the long anticipated Wedding at Wayne Manor (aka Wollaton Hall), where the super-couple that is Tim and Catherine finally tied the knot. It was a lovely day and it made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. In fact, thanks to the champagne the whole reception was a little fuzzy. I remember writing something mushy and nonsensical in their guestbook for which I would like to apologise. Seeing all my friends back home getting engaged and married off while I'm still swanning about in other countries does funny things to my head if I think about it too much. It makes me feel like I'm lagging behind a little. You need to slow down guys! There had better not be any babies before I'm back; I want to be able to borrow them when/if I get broody.

But holiday over it's back to the swanning. over a year into teaching with EF and things have been rolling along nicely. I decided it was time for a bit more of a challenge and so at the beginning of the summer I out myself forward for a new company project. Which is why from Monday I will be spending half my week teaching the spawn of diplomats from Arabic nations at the school of the Saudi Arabian Embassy. At the moment I'm alternating between excitement and pure unadulterated terror. It means a switch from teaching mainly adults to pretty much exclusively teenagers, which is not something I ever thought I'd volunteer for, but hopefully it'll be fun and will push me a bit. I actually like it when things are difficult.

In other news, it seems that more people than I thought take an interest in my ramblings on the interwebs. this blog has been featured on InterNations, which was jolly nice of them, and I am now also writing for English in Russia. You can read my first article about British and Russian attitudes to beauty here if you are that way inclined. There will be more to come, assuming I'm not driven bonkers by all those teens.

So the new academic year is certainly going to be busy, and with a few other work changes on the horizon probably pretty chaotic. Time to take it easy this weekend before it all gets underway. On your marks, set, GO!

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  1. Published articles? You getting famous and all it took was a move to Russia!