Sunday, 7 October 2012

Embrace the Chaos

Today my tolerance of idiocy has been severely tested. I will never understand why some people actively reject learning.

Our first day; meeting and photo-op with the
Headmaster and the English dpt. head
"A chance to improve my knowledge and develop language skills that will be invaluable to me in later life and make me a million times more employable in a few years time? thanks. I think I'll just sit here, change my profile picture on my phone and keep working on my 'OMG yOu ArE LiKe Sooo saD!' face." 

It amazes me that after an entire class did so appallingly on a simple test that was intended just to be a quick revision of something they should know well, that I dedicated another hour and a half to going over the language again, some of them could repeat exactly the same test and score lower than they did the first time, before I pretty much gave them all of the f@*%&*£# answers! I mean what is wrong with these people?!