Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Things I learned in 2012

  • To read the label on the washing powder more carefully. Автомат = clean clothes, everything else = foam party.
  • That being buried in the snow by your friends will make you ill but is totally worth it.
  • That sometimes people die too young, without any warning, and next time it could be you. So stop fannying about and make the most of life.
  • That real estate agents are the same the world over.
  • That seasonal affective Disorder is a thing, and it makes me a sad bunny.
  • That cleaning is more fun after a few vodkas.
  • That I don't hate kids as much as I used to. But I still don't want any of my own.
  • How to stop arterial bleeding with my knees (in theory at least).
  • That I'm a clumsy drunk who should not be allowed to head-bang or dance on tables.
  • That I sometimes put too much trust in the wrong people. Some ex-pats come to Moscow to make a fresh start, and some bring their demons with them. Friendship is a two way street, and finding out that someone is not only on a totally different street, but that their street isn't even on planet earth is not cool. I will choose who I confide in much more carefully this year.
  • How to turn a pumpkin into a pie.
  • That I like living on my own, and that Russian landladies are evil witches.
  • To walk away from situations/relationships that make me feel like I'm compromising my values. People change; sometimes they change their punk t shirts for high heels and become the kind of woman they spent the previous year pitying.
  • That I am good at my job (even if I do slack off a bit sometimes) and some people are beginning to recognise that and have faith in me to do more.
  • That I am a feminist, and unfortunately a lot of people have no idea what that actually means.
  • That putting your passport under your pillow on a train 'to keep it safe' only works if you remember that you put it there.
  • That I have pretty eyelashes.
  • That falling for guys who are arseholes/afraid of women/don't tell you they're married/already have 2 girlfriends/hate your friends is probably a waste of time.
  • That I can write good. Sometimes people even read stuff wot I put on the internets.
  • That I want to stay in Russia.
Happy New Year my lovelies! x

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  1. Happy New Year! :)

    I know it's late, but I have been absent for a wee while! ;)

    Great blog post.